Three of the city's most popular spots are opening new locations this year. 
ice cream shops New York City
Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Nothing spells sunshine like a whole slew of new ice cream shops arriving in New York City for the summer. Just as the weather is slowly but surely creeping into the sixties, three ice cream companies have announced new locations in the city. You know what they say: Three's a trend, and this is one we can really get behind.

The first is Van Leeuwen, which offers flavors such as honeycomb and candied ginger. The company is currently constructing three new locations in Nolita, Prospect Heights, and Greenpoint, according to one report. The Greenpoint location is expected to open this summer. Yet another outpost of Van Leeuwen on the Upper West Side is slated to open this spring.

Meanwhile, Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream—perhaps best known for its black ice cream made with charcoal—is opening a second Manhattan location in Greenwich Village. It will open in June, just in time for true ice cream season in New York City—where summers can be miserably humid and are only bearable with frequent trips to the ice cream parlor.

Perhaps the most the exciting opening was announced yesterday: OddFellows Ice Cream Co., the brainchild of James Beard Award-winning chef Sam Mason, will open a new concept called Coffee and Cream in Nolita. At Coffee and Cream, you’ll be able to experience the absolute height of coffee and ice cream combinations, including a cold brew milkshake; the Café Liégeois, a sundae layered with vanilla ice cream, espresso, and coffee; and the Odd-fogato, espresso poured over the ice cream flavor of your choice.

The menu actually gets better: Coffee and Cream will also offer a variety of milk flavor infusions with which you can upgrade your coffee, including toast and burnt marshmallow. But you’re really here to read about the ice cream, and trust me, when it comes to inventive, artisanal flavors, Oddfellows does not disappoint: Olive Oil Tangerine, Yogurt Plum & Thyme, and Saffron Passionfruit ice cream will all be on offer at the new shop.

Celebrate the upcoming days of short sleeves and sandals with a stop by each one of these shops. In fact, why not plan a summertime tour of all the ice cream shops in New York City? Ice cream crawl, anyone?