If you’ve got a green thumb you can grow some strangely-shaped produce.

By Rebekah Lowin
July 05, 2017
STR / Getty Images

Sure, popsicle molds are a ton of fun in the summer. And chocolate molds are quite helpful in adding a little character to your Valentine’s Day gifts. But both of these things—chocolate and popsicles—have become so, you know...mainstream. So expected. 

Luckily, when it comes to the world of molded food, there’s still some trendier territory yet to be explored: molded fruits and vegetables. And one company is forging the way with a whole line of weird ways to affect the final shape of your produce.

That company is called, quite aptly, “Fruit Mould.” Based in China, it’s selling plastic molds that allow you to transform ordinary fruits and vegetables into bona fide works of art (or creepy abominations…  you decide). 

Courtesy of Fruit Mould

“Imagine your fruits shaped in ways that you have never imagined!” reads the description of the creative company on its website. “...Fruit Mould specializes in providing the best fruit and vegetable mold to help reshape the fruits growing in your garden. Reshaping them will not diminish the quality or lower the nutritional value of the fruit; it will simply make your ordinary fruits into extraordinary works of art!”

On the accompanying shop site, you can view and purchase all of the company’s classic molds, including a heart apple mold reading “LOVE,” molds that’ll turn your apples square, and perhaps most exciting of all, a heart-shaped watermelon mold. (There’s also “sexy underwear” for peaches, but that’s a different story.)

Courtesy of Fruit Mould

Surprisingly, you don’t have to be a professional gardener to make the magic happen. You do, however, have to grow the fruits and veggies in question from seed (or at least begin molding them when they are very small). As explained in the description of one of the molds for a watermelon, you’ll have to “put the molds on the baby watermelon when it is smaller than the molds and adjust to the proper position for better shaping in the next few days.” Eventually, the fruit will “fill all the corners of the molds,” and that’s when you’ll be able to harvest it in its new shape.

Oh, and pumpkins work, too. You can use the watermelon molds on pumpkins, or you can purchase a pumpkin Frankenstein mold. It’s like a pre-carved Jack-o-Lantern. Talk about a next-level Halloween!