If you've read F&W's latest issue, you already know plenty about wine, highbrow beer and cooking whole fish. For extra credit, try to answer these 5 questions inspired by October stories. (Scroll to the bottom for answers.)

1. Spanish Wine Country Travel Guide
Q: What are the predominant grapes used in cava? (Choose three.)

A: Macabeo
B. Torrontés
C. Chardonnay
D. Parellada
E. Xarel-lo

2. The Case for Riesling
Q: Which term refers to the ripest and rarest category of German and Austrian wines?

A. Auslese
B. Qualitatswein
C. Ihre Mutter säugt Schweine
D. Trockenbeerenauslese
E. Jägermeister

3. Beer Is Going Highbrow
Q: What do hops, the flowers of the hop plant, add to beer?

A. Body and carbonation
B. Flavor and bitterness
C. Malty sweetness

4. Gastronaut: How to Cook Whole Fish
Q: What family is the Mediterranean fish branzino part of?

A. The salmon family
B. The Corleone family
C. The sea bass family
D. Mama's Family

5. 75 Best Wineries to Visit in California
Q: What year was Buena Vista Winery, California's first premium winery, established?

A. 1642
B. 1776
C. 1857
D. 1902
E. 1957

Answers: 1-A, D, E; 2-D (C is a serious insult referring to pigs and your mother); 3-B; 4-C; 5-C.