Credit: © JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

With the fervor of the upcoming election, Barack Obama is approaching the “lame duck” period of his eight year tenure, but that doesn’t mean the POTUS isn’t going to just quietly sit by avoiding big issues – like how you should eat your hot dog.

Over the weekend, the season premiere of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown featured the heavily-hyped appearance of none other than the President of the United States himself. Though Bourdain had already leaked many details about his experience hanging out with Barack, one previously unmentioned exchange ruffled a few feathers in the hot dog eating community. (Can we call it a “community”? Maybe it’s more of a “loose affiliation of people who enjoy mystery meats”)

“Is ketchup on a hot dog ever acceptable?” Bourdain inquired at one point. “No,” President Obama responded with a smile on his face and a drink in his hand. “I mean that ... that’s one of those things like, well, let me put it this way, it’s not acceptable past the age of 8.”

As the Associated Press pointed out, this TV appearance doesn’t mark the first time Obama very clearly explained his feelings about ketchup on a dog. In 2011, the President expressed the same sentiment to Toledo mayor Michael Bell, a meeting CBS News documented in an article titled, “Obama: ‘You Shouldn’t Put Ketchup On A Hot Dog.’

So there you have it. President Obama has been called a lot of things, but don’t ever call him a wiener flip-flopper! Actually, you probably should avoid ever calling anyone a wiener flip-flopper. I’m going to stop using the term myself right now.