A U.K. music festival had to announce a ban on potato peelers, thanks to Liam Gallagher.
Liam Gallagher potato peeler
Credit: Lagerhaus/Getty Images

The never-ending feud between Oasis co-founders and brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher rages on, and this time, potato peelers are caught in the crossfire. Or, at least, fans' hopes of bringing potato peelers to the upcoming Parklife festival in Manchester, as there were apparently enough requests to do so that the festival announced a ban on the tuber tool.

If you're thinking, "what?" it's a fair response, so let's dive into the story here. Since Oasis split in 2009, the Gallagher brothers embarked on solo careers, which saw both of them release albums in 2017. Older brother Noel's album, Who Built the Moon? had a more psychedelic bent, and to play it live, he enlisted a musician to play the scissors.

In response, younger brother Liam mocked this with a tweet asking for someone to "peel some spuds live on stage." And while it seems to have been a joke, someone actually did show up with a potato and peeler and peel it in the crowd, who Liam then thanked.

The Parklife festival is the U.K.'s biggest metropolitan festival and has already sold 61,000 tickets to this year's event, which features Lorde, N*E*R*D (with Pharrell), and yes, Liam Gallagher. And it turns out that many of those fans want to support the younger Gallagher's performance with some potato peelers. More surprisingly, they've been polite enough to actually ask the festival if it's okay.

"We've been so blown away by this week's launch and the demand for tickets," festival founder Sacha Lord-Marchionne told the Manchester Evening news, but even more blown away at how many people have asked to bring in potato peelers for Liam's main stage performance!" But unfortunately for those fans, he declared, "the answer is most definitely no!"'

If you imagine an energized crowd of tens of thousands of people attempting to peel potatoes with a sharp object at a concert, the answer is pretty logical. But don't despair—there's an easier way to peel potatoes that's totally blade-free.