It seems like every third exciting new bar in the city involves a one-time or current member of the West Village's Employees Only (the rest are by Sasha Petraske of Milk & Honey or a Pegu Club alum). Here, some E.O. offshoots:

Smith and Mills
North Moore Street in Tribeca used to have only one draw for me: It was where JFK Jr. lived. Now I go there to hang out at my favorite new bar, co-owned by E.O. owner Akiva Elstein and E.O. investor Matt Abramcyk. While I haven't gotten around to eating there yet—the menu's by Julia Jaksic, who also helped create the E.O. menu—I adore the well-edited drinks list, which tops out at five classic cocktails. Another nice touch: no martini glasses=no spillage.

Beatrice Similar model to Graydon Carter's Waverly Inn (revamp classic West Village inn, add strict door policy). Abramcyk is an investor, as is Paul Sevigny, brother of actress Chloe.

Zeppelin All six E.O. owners are involved with this Greenwich Village spot named after the 1920s airships. When it opens in November it will have a giant mural of Rita Hayworth, its own lager and, yes, classic cocktails.