New York WaterMaker claims it has the power to “change the world.” Or, at least our pizza and bagels.

Most people agree that New York City has some of the best pizza and bagels in the world, but what’s still up for debate is why it does. One common theory is the water. (Yep, the water.) New York City’s tap water, the theory goes, has just the right molecular makeup to create a perfect canvas for marinara or cream cheese. Whether true or not, one startup is hoping that lots of restaurant owners believe in the power of NYC’s H20—and that they’re willing to shell out for a new device that promises to replicate New York City’s water.

The New York WaterMaker is grandiosely touted as “the system that will finally revolutionize the food services industry” by allowing restauranteurs “to bring the superior taste of NYC food and beverages to the rest of the world.” The patent-pending device claims it can match “the exact hardness, molecular structure, and chemical composition” of water from any region, but its specific focus is on water from the Big Apple.

“Through this innovative system, recipes will be tastier, bread will be crispier, and pizza and bagels will be authentic New York City style (not an imitation),” an official announcement states. “Furthermore, it improves the taste and texture of bread, coffee, tea, water, carbonated beverages, and other recipes.”

“We haven't even released the New York WaterMaker to the public, and yet we have received numerous inquiries from restaurant chains and franchises interested in hearing more about our system,” Paul Errigo, president and CEO of New York WaterMaker, said in the announcement. “I'm not sure how they're hearing about us, but we're confident this will be a game changer for the culinary world.”

If all this sounds like the set up for some elaborate April Fool’s joke—and it kind of does—apparently this week is everyone’s chance to be a believer: Errigo and company are currently showing off the system at the Las Vegas Convention Center as part of the 2018 International Pizza Expo running from today until March 22.