Serving 20 flavors and 50 different varieties, World’s Best Cookie Dough claims to be the largest edible cookie dough shop in the U.S. 
World's Best Cookie Dough
Credit: Courtesy of World's Best Cookie Dough

As a kid, that last remaining lick of cookie dough from the bowl was a rare and highly sought-after treat. For many, that youthful and sweet desire never quite leaves us, which is probably how we got one of the greatest cookie trends of all time: edible cookie dough. Edoughble, Unbaked: A Cookie Dough Bar and Cookie Dough Creamery are among the many places capitalizing on the sugary menu wave, along with a smattering of storefronts in New York City. That includes Kristen Tomlan’s highly popular (Unicorn flavor selling) DŌ and Cookie Dough Confections, which now have some sweet neighborly competition in World's Best Cookie Dough.

The newest purveyor of pre-baked cookie goodness, the self-described largest edible cookie dough and dessert shop in the U.S., is offering customers a whopping total of 20 flavors and 50 varieties. Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Brownie Cookie, Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Fudge Pretzel, Red Velvet, and Pumpkin Spice are among the shop’s many standard and seasonal vegetarian dough flavors available to try. To create its own unique brand of the edible pre-baked treats, World’s Best Cookie Dough uses “a secret formula” featuring pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour that allows it to replicate the flavors found in pure cookie dough.

But it’s not just the dough that will have you lining up to spend yours. The shop also sells a whole list of specialty desserts, including dough decorated cheesecake, milkshakes, pudding, jumbo-sized baked cookies, and cookie dough sundaes.

“Banana pudding is famous in Magnolia Bakery, cheesecake is famous in Junior’s Cheesecake, cookie dough right now has hype at Cookie Dough Confections and milkshakes are at Black Tap,” Shameo Sufian, the shop’s co-founder, told amNY. “World’s Best Cookie Dough is bringing all the elements into one place.”

Depending on what you order, your treat could cost anywhere from $6 to $50 (the latter is for the cheesecakes). To sample from the menu of New York City’s latest edible cookie dough shop, stop by the storefront at 164 Bleecker Street or purchase a handful of the smooth and sumptuous flavors online.