By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 02, 2015
© Richard Levine/Demotix/Corbis

Who wouldn’t want a year's supply of Nutella? I mean, outside of someone who values their health? Well, now all of you out there who love chocolate more than your own well-being have the opportunity to win a year’s worth of Nutella direct from the source.

In appreciation of World Nutella Day, which happens on February 5, Nutella is on the lookout for a “Chief Nutella Ambassador.” To nominate yourself for the title, all the brand asks is that you submit a less-than-60-second video telling them how you’d lead World Nutella Day. There are a few other rule restrictions, but in general, the contest seems pretty straightforward. Plus, every video that meets all the rules gets its maker a free T-shirt while supplies last.

One lucky winner, however, wins the grand prize: The Chief Ambassador title, a “once-in-a-lifetime New York City Experience” (the “once-in-a-life-iness” of which is too detailed to get into here) and a one-year supply of Nutella “awarded in the form of five cases of twelve 13 oz. jars”—or about 2.14 ounces of Nutella per day.

For those who don’t scoff at a mere two ounces of Nutella a day being called a year’s supply, you can enter the Nutella competition from now until October 11 by going to Five finalists will be announced in November, when people will be able to vote for the winning video.

So get cracking on those videos. Or just buy 780 ounces of Nutella yourself online. If you buy wholesale, it’s only about $250. That’s probably cheaper than whatever fancy video recording device you’d need to buy to impress those snooty Nutella judges.

[h/t LA Times]