By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 18, 2016
nude, dining
Credit: © Juanmonino/Getty Images

Finding the perfect location to open a new restaurant can be tough. It’s probably even trickier when you have to convince the landlord to let you fill the space with naked people every night. Maybe that’s why the guy behind London’s nude restaurant is giving himself a few months to sort everything out.

After a successful initial run that featured a waitlist of tens of thousands of people and ample press (thanks “liberal” media), nude dining pop-up The Bunyadi is reportedly looking for a permanent home in London according to founder Seb Lyall. The news is a bit unexpected being that back in July the restaurant shut down a month ahead of schedule to head to supposedly greener pastures in Paris, but Lyall believes the market for eating in the buff is still strong in his hometown.

“The quality of [The Bunyadi’s] community was amazing, so now it’s my job to keep it there and bring it back,” Lyall said according to Big Hospitality. Later, the man behind a number of eccentric spots stated, “The focus for the next three to six months is to launch [the Breaking Bad-themed bar] ABQ as a permanent site in London, and also [launch] Bunyadi in London as well.”

Despite Lyall’s assertion of a “community,” you have to wonder just how successful a permanent nude restaurant would be. The concept certainly seems sensible as a stunt-based pop-up, but actual brick-and-mortar restaurants usually thrive on repeat business, and though naked dining may sound fun, would you really want to get not-dressed-up to go there on the regular? It’s certainly not the ideal spot for introducing your girlfriend to your parents or grabbing a bite to celebrate your sister’s high school graduation. Not to mention the fact that in a review, Eater called the food “an afterthought” and dubbed the whole experience of eating there “infuriating.”

I wish Lyall the best, but I’ll stick to doing the majority of my nude dining at home. The Kraft Mac & Cheese always tastes better that way.