By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 05, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Even though Episode VII won't be in theaters until December, fans are buying up everything Star Wars, including refrigerators. Two different companies, one in the US and one in Japan, introduced very different-looking ways to keep your beverages cold—no use of The Force necessary.

First, ThinkGeek unveiled its Han Solo frozen in carbonite mini-fridge—though we use the term “fridge” lightly, because apparently it has both a cool and a warm setting (down to as low as around freezing or as warm as about 131 to 149 degrees). The 19-inch-tall, 10.75-inch-wide fridge can hold up to 18 cans of soda and features snazzy red LED lighting on the front to give Hans that authentic movie glow. This 10-pound mini-fridge/warmer is also surprisingly portable, offering a carrying handle and coming with an extra power cord for your car—because diehard Star Wars fans need to be eating and drinking wherever they go, lest they lose their George Lucas body. Total cost: $149.99. That’s like original-action-figure-not-even-in-its-packaging cheap.

Meanwhile, Japan was like, “Seriously, guys?” and then showed off an R2-D2 mini-fridge that is remote-controlled and rechargeable, allowing it to deliver you beers wherever the hell you want. Yeah, well, Han Solo could do that too if he wasn’t frozen in carbonite. Still, the R2-D2 fridge clearly kicks more ass, being that it is a full-size R2-D2 (not “life-size,” fanboys, because 1. Star Wars isn’t real life and 2. It’s a droid) with fully functioning lights, sounds and movements. Two major drawbacks: It can only hold a dozen cans compared to Han’s 18-can capacity, and it also won’t be released until next year. For now, you’ll just have to watch its video demo in awe. Projected price: Probably so expensive even R2-D2’s buddy Mark Hamill probably can’t afford one.

But neither of these new fridges top the masterpiece that made the rounds on the Internet back in 2013: the Darth Vader beer fridge and vodka pump. What it lacks in the R2-D2 fridge’s awesomeness, it easily makes up for in pure boozing capabilities. The full-size refrigerator doesn’t just make for an imposingly large Sith Lord, it also stores a ton of beer—at least a couple cases' worth. Oh yeah, and it spits out draft vodka! Sadly, though, this fridge was just a one-time project and not officially licensed by Star Wars, so it was never intended for sale. But if you’re a Star Wars fan looking for a DIY project, this fridge could be yours at any time.