Free in-flight meals are back!

By Jillian Kramer
Updated May 24, 2017
Delta Air Lines Free Cabin Meals
Credit: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

In an age where it seems as if every airline is taking away all the supposed perks of flying—like, you know, a free carry-on bag—Delta is defying its no-perks peers by offering up free meals to all customers on its longest domestic flights.

The airline announced today that customers on its flights between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport or San Francisco International Airport will score complimentary meals, no matter their cabin class, starting March 1. Other routes will soon follow, including flights from Boston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. (You can check out the exact routes affected here.)

Take a morning flight, and you might be treated to a Luvo breakfast medley, honey maple breakfast sandwich, or a fruit and cheese platter that we admit looks rather appetizing. Afternoon customers will be able to choose from a mesquite-smoked turkey combo, a whole grain veggie wrap, or that same yummy-looking fruit and cheese plate, while overnight fliers won't be left out: they'll be offered a breakfast bar just before landing, Delta says. The company expects to refresh its menu based on the season and what's locally available, according to the press release.

While you don't have to spend more to snag one of these meals, customers who do purchase upgraded seats in the Delta Comfort+ will nab even more to nosh on. Age-appropriate customers will be served complimentary beer, wine, and spirits on these long domestic flights, the airline says. And all Delta Comfort+ fliers can savor a pre-arrival snack basket and sample from a Greek frozen yogurt bar.

Delta is rolling out these new perks after a test showed customers enjoyed getting free food while onboard. "The airline closely monitored customer satisfaction scores to determine the impact on the in-flight experience," Delta says, "and saw a significant increase as a result of the test." Here's hoping other airlines follow suit.