By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 12, 2015

Here’s your dilemma: You are stuck making a frozen pizza for dinner when all you want is a fresh, hot pizza delivered. How do you make that frozen pie actually edible? Your solution: Cook it in an oven that looks like a pizza box!

The “Pizza Box Oven”, designed by CuiZen, is a relatively small, fully operational pizza oven that’s been whimsically shaped to look like a pizza box. At under 17 inches at its widest and only 8 pounds heavy, the benefit of its size somewhat compromises the product’s practicality: It can only cook pizzas up to 12 inches in diameter. (Good luck trying to reheat a whole NYC-style pie.) But outside of that, the Pizza Box Oven claims to have all the functionality you need: “top and bottom heating elements with a rotating, easy to clean non-stick pan” as well as “a stainless steel cool-touch handle, 1200 watts, adjustable thermostat with a maximum temperature of 525° and a 30 minute timer.”

Unless you don’t own an oven, practicality and functionality are probably of little concern. The fun pizza box design is clearly the selling point. Now, if only it had a little built in doorbell you could ring before sadly whimpering to yourself, “Pizza’s here.” It's available on Amazon for $78.

[h/t Foodiggity]