By Taylor Hatmaker
Updated November 25, 2014
Credit: Daily Dot

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Journaling ain't what it used to be. Tired of introspection? Are your innermost hopes and dreams cramped by the constraints of spoken language? You're in luck—there's an emoji diary designed to fit perfectly into the weird contours of your otherwise inarticulable, 2D internal experience.

Available now in the iOS App Store, Emojiary seeks to inspire a new, more meaningless era of diary-keeping, inspired by the cavernous emptiness of our collective modern life. Structured like a text conversation, Emojiary wants to make journaling feel easy and casual, perhaps so we'll actually do it. It's like popular diary app Day One, reimagined for the emotionally bankrupt.

From the app's creators:

In a long-forgotten era strewn with analog horrors, you may have formerly used some kind of utensil to scratch furiously at a flat, blank surface until words came out. With Emojiary, you can keep a diary properly representative of your vacuous internal world (or lack thereof), logging your private thoughts with yellow faces contorted into inscrutable expressions.

Just think, years from now, you can pore back through the virtual pages of an app that certainly will no longer exist and wonder exactly what you meant by praying-hands; house cat; fax machine.