Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza
Credit: © Kamran Siddiqi

It’s hard to stop a moving train. It’s apparently less difficult to supply that train with pizza, even as it chugs along its route. In India, Domino’s has been getting pizzas into the hands of customers placing orders right from their seats.

The Wall Street Journal looked into the difficult schematics of Domino’s newest delivery offering – a first for the company – that currently provides service to over 200 train routes and is looking to expand. For customers, the process is relatively straight forward: Simply place your order online or via your phone two hours before the train arrives to your pickup station. For deliverymen, things can get a bit more chaotic with late or cancelled trains and confusing platform systems. As WSJ writes, “Some trains stop for less than a minute at major stations; there’s a good chance a few may rumble off with deliverymen on board.” Even the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation, the government agency that approved Domino’s plans, admits, “There are a million possibilities for non-deliveries.”

Domino’s sees delivering to the rails as a huge opportunity – and other fast food chains in India are looking to join in. Pizza Hut, KFC and Subway are all reportedly in talks to with railway authorities to provide similar services. But for Dominos the service remains in its infancy. Only 350 pizzas have been ordered via the service since its February launch.

But Domino’s seemed to prefer to look on the bright side, saying that in that same time, only four orders were missed. I guess that’s not bad for trying to hit a moving target. But the real question is, on those other 346 orders, did they get the toppings right?