By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 08, 2016
Expack, France
Credit: © Giannina Amato

Why should moving away from home mean moving away from the foods you grew up with? Thanks to Expack, a food subscription service targeted specifically at satisfying the food cravings of expats, you can get a little box full of the tastes of home once a month.

Begun this March, Expack currently offers its services to expats from three places—France, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom—and delivers to all states in the U.S. Boxes cost $35, and the subscription auto-renews every month. Expack hopes to expand to other countries soon, so more people can get the taste of home delivered right to their door. The company is comprised of three expats (a Puerto Rican, a Serbian, and a Frenchman) working hard to bring others the tastes so dear to them.

Brits living in the U.S. can look forward to Maltesers, Hobnobs, Mars Bars, lemon curd, walkers chips, mushy peas, baked beans, while complaining that no one in America can make a decent cup of tea (by the way, if you aren’t a brit, you should seriously look into getting yourself some Hobnobs). In the Puerto Rican boxes, you can expect to find Crema de Coco candies, bacalaítos, florecitas, El Isleño plantain chips, and more snacks your neighbors will have trouble pronouncing. French expats will be delighted with Madeleines, sauces and sausages, grenadine, and flavors of Lays you just don't find in the U.S. like Poulet Rôti et Thym. Even if you aren’t an expat and just hate American snacks, you can order yours here.