By Farrah Shaikh
Updated July 28, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

For a cartoon cat with no mouth Hello Kitty is doing pretty well for herself. Amusement parks, airplanes, even dim sum. The Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo offers rooms to totally satisfy you love of Hello Kitty. You can choose from Kitty Town which looks like a child's bedroom on a pink sugar high or the room for adults (no judgment) called Princess Kitty which features a plush chair shaped like a red high heel, a massive decorative Hello Kitty headboard, and an excess of Hello Kitty décor all to make you "feel like a fairy tale princess".

As long as you’ve surrounded yourself with everything Hello Kitty you might as well complete the experience with a meal. You can call down for room service and get a Hello Kitty breakfast, which includes an omelet branded with the bow-bearing cat, a soup with a cat crouton floating, a sausage and vegetable sandwich all tucked in two slices of Hello Kitty-shaped bread. Nothing says “I love Hello Kitty” like eating her face as a sandwich.

With breakfast included, the room run at more than $400/night.