By Noah Kaufman
Updated November 17, 2014
© Jochen Tack / Alamy

Face Pay. It sounds like something Mark Zuckerberg invented to slowly drain your bank account for failing to like an appropriate number of posts on your timeline. But it’s actually a new high-tech way to pay for your groceries.

The creators of the system say it will provide security that current mobile payment systems lack. And they have a point. It seems very unlikely that someone could steal your face and hands in the same way that they steal your credit card. But it all seems a little scary. Does anyone remember seeing a science fiction movie in which facial recognition software was used only for good?

Making payments faster and more convenient is big money though—China Daily says that in China mobile payments topped $162 billion last year. So the trend towards easy payments will probably continue to trump privacy. To that end 100% Genuine Imported Food says they plan to expand their business (and their Face Pay) into other parts of Asia and Australia beginning in 2015.

It looks like the future is coming people. Giant corporations might have more of our personal information than ever before, but at least we won’t have to remember those stupid three-digit codes on the back of our credit cards any more.