By Chris Mah
Updated March 04, 2015
© Miguel Valenzuela

Have you ever tried to make shapes out of your pancakes? Most of us have a hard enough time simply flipping pancakes without splattering batter everywhere, let alone making elaborate designs. But one man is Norway has come up with a very cool way to make pancakes shaped like everything Storm Troopers to the Eiffel Tower with a robot.

Created by Miguel Valenzuela, the pancake printer, dubbed the PancakeBot, works just like a 3-D printer. Pancake designs are coded into a program, and batter is dispensed from a ketchup bottle onto a flat griddle. Valenzuela created the printer to make breakfasts a little more interesting for his daughters and built the prototype from their Legos.

The PancakeBot debuted at last year’s Maker Faire in San Francisco and will have a Kickstarter campaign running soon. In the meantime, if you want a fluffy, Chewbacca-shaped breakfast treat, you can build your own PancakeBot using the instructions posted on Valenzuela’s blog.

[h/t FoodBeast]