By Farrah Shaikh
Updated October 24, 2014
Ramsay de Give

Where: Trattoria Il Mulino, NYC

What: We are happy to eat meatballs any time of day but make them specially into a brunch dish? Amazing. The Flatiron Italian restaurant, Trattoria Il Mulino, has made their infamous meatballs into Eggs Benedict. This particular incarnation doesn't seem particularly Benedict-y to us, but it's good enough they can call it whatever they want. There is no bread here. Instead delicately seasoned ricotta takes the place of that soggy English muffin and it has two mammoth veal/pork/beef meatballs and a couple perfectly poached eggs piled on top. All of this is smothered in tomato sauce and garnished with basil. Once you cut into the poached eggs and let the yolk run together with all of the flavors, last night's nonsense will just disappear.

Wash it down with: The refreshing and citrusy wake-me-up appropriately named the Limoncello Corpse Reviver will do the trick. Made with half moon gin, arvero limoncello, cocchi americano and fresh lemon, sipping on this will make for a good morning (eh-hem..afternoon).