By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 04, 2014
© TGI Fridays

The trend of bacon everything isn’t going anywhere, and that fact is now on display at TGI Fridays. They’re putting a little more fatty goodness in your life with bacon-crusted ribs.

The baconed up ribs are part of the casual dining chain’s Rib Flight Trio. It’s like a whisky flight, but meatier. For $10, diners get three styles of ribs, including one topped with an applewood bacon crumble. The whole thing is so disgustingly genius, somewhere Epic Meal Time is scouring through old YouTube episodes wondering how they missed it (or maybe they didn’t miss it; they have a lot of episodes).

As Grub Street points out, the once venerable 900-restaurant chain has suffered as of late, closing a number of its locations. So now, they turn to the powerful pull of bacon. Friday’s chief marketing officer Brian Gies stated in a press release, “We’re…delivering another option to indulge when the occasion is right.”

And really, is there a wrong occasion for a meat-on-meat indulgence?