Norwood's bubbling experience draws on flavors from Patrón’s Margarita of the Year competition.

By Abbey White
Updated February 16, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Patrón

To help put some extra sizzle in your International Margarita Day celebration, the New York City members-only club Norwood and Muddling Memories, a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in crafting awe-inspiring beverage experiences, have teamed up for an exclusive set of margarita-flavored fizzers.

This first-ever line of cocktail fizzers was partly inspired by Patrón’s Margarita of the Year competition, an annual celebration and contest to determine the best Margarita flavor from around the world. A total of seven sweet, salty and spicy flavor combinations are available, including passion fruit and jalapeno, lychee and chia seeds, tomato and thyme, celery and elderflower, pickled plum and kelp tea, orange marmalade and sherry, as well as cayenne-chili and blackberry.

To create this unique drinking experience at Norwood, a margarita flavored cocktail fizzer is dropped into the glass filled with Patrón tequila, simple syrup, and club soda. You watch and wait as the colorful cocktail flavored ball disintegrates right in front of your eyes before taking a sip after it has completely bubbled and fizzled out.

Credit: Courtesy of Patrón

The man behind the art and science of the fizzers is Cody Goldstein, a bartender and the founder of Muddling Memories. According to Goldstein, each margarita fizzer incorporates three ingredients, two of which are a salt compound, while the other is a citrus compound. Upon combining a particular ratio of these ingredients with a liquid, it begins to release carbon dioxide, giving you its signature and entertaining fizzle.

“The challenging part on my end, because no one has really done this before and I was working in the dark, was trying to play around with different flavor profiles and different ingredients that would add flavor,” Goldstein tells Food & Wine. “Certain things have higher moisture than others, which can cause a different reaction.”

The Muddling Memories founder confirms that of the some of the cocktail fizzers are “more flavorful than the others.” So if you’re looking for the cocktail fizzer that packs a bit more of a punch, the fruit-based fizzers are the ones to go for.

To try this new drink experience for yourself on the third floor of the exclusive Norwood Club (241 W 14th St, New York, NY), you can book a reservation at A single fizzer featuring Patrón Silver goes for just $30, or try all seven for $200 from now until International Margarita Day on February 22.