Garco Mill will bring the area's food scene a whole lot closer together.
Charleston, SC food hall
Credit: SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images

The cuisine in the Charleston area is the best it's ever been—which, considering how great the region's food scene already was just a decade ago, is saying a lot. But now, it's about to get even better for a very simple reason: all that food is going to be in one place.

That's right: joining Philadelphia, Tampa and a whole host of other American cities of just about every size, a group of local Charleston investors announced today they'd finally be getting in on the food hall trend that's swept the nation's culinary scene in recent years. The 20,000-square-foot food hall will be located within Garco Mill, a mixed-use restoration project in North Charleston that also includes two floors of "creative office space, and will feature up to 16 individual food and retail stalls," according to a statement.

While the food vendors are so far unannounced, the Garco Mill Group promises they'll be "firmly rooted" in North Charleston's community, while "providing culinary variety and authenticity to the Charleston area." But if you're looking for a more specific idea of what to expect, know that they've partnered with the developers behind Atlanta's internationally-acclaimed Krog Street Market, which opened in a restored 1920s warehouse in 2014.

The North Charleston-located Garco Mill will also be part of an older building, which, naturally, began life over a century ago as an asbestos and rubber mill. Located between Virginia and O'Hear Avenues, it neighbors a one-acre public park where the Garco Group says community and civic events will be hosted, as well as that the mill will feature "ample community seating," "a vast outdoor pavilion," "abundant parking" and a planned movie theater some time in the future. No, the food itself has yet to be identified, but considering just how much great Charleston area dining there is to choose from these days, the real challenge may be narrowing it down to just 16.