Anatomy of a dish: the Arctic Bird's Nest at Aquavit.
Credit: © Liz Clayman

“I wasn't supposed to take the goat cheese parfait off the menu,” says Emma Bengtsson, the chef at New York City’s Aquavit since 2014. “But I wanted to turn that dessert into something more me—more this decade.” The result is the Arctic Bird’s Nest, with the goat-cheese parfait transformed into the filling for white-chocolate eggs with sea buckthorn “yolks.” 65 E. 55th St.;

1. Honey tuile nest: Bengtsson runs a tiling trowel over batter, then shapes the tuile (cookie) by hand.

2. Chocolate twigs: Tempered chocolate piped into ice water resembles twigs.

3. Freeze-dried raspberries: Liquid nitrogen freezes berries that Bengtsson breaks into shards.

4. Brownie dirt: Crumbled brownies (Bengtsson’s grandmother’s recipe) resemble soil.

5. Shredded halvah: Bengtsson shreds the sesame candy so it looks like feathers.