Marvel, Ippudo, Ramen, Pop-Up
Credit: Courtesy of Ippudo

Ever wished your ramen were a little more Marvel-ous? Well, in this ramen shop that opened up in Tokyo last week, 200 customers got to eat superhero-ed out versions of their favorite ramen dishes. This pop-up restaurant in the Minato ward in Southeast Tokyo, featured Captain America and Iron Man-themed food prepared by Ippudo, a famous ramen chain with locations all around the world. Customers scored themselves such delightful fare as a panna cotta designed to look like Captain America's shield and a fried egg modeled after Tony Stark's arc reactor.

There was even plenty to satisfy those customers who like Marvel but aren't huge on Captain America or Iron Man. The pop-up included noodles died orange by carrot to reference Black Widow's hair; an Ant Man ramen dish that, we promise, is a pun in Japanese and seaweed wrappers printed with adorable versions of Spiderman's face. There was something to satisfy every superhero lover.

The meal cost ¥4,500 (about $41) per person, which, when you consider how much work went into the shop and the fact that customers also got a free T-shirt out of the experience, isn't all that much.

The ramen shop may be closed, but not all is lost. You can still pick up for yourself one (or ten) of these adorable Tsum Tsum Marvel plushies that graced Ippudo's walls for the duration of the pop-up shop.