The upcoming Game & Forest Season will feature “a teal for 2, a goose for 4, leg of moose, reindeer tongue, and wild duck.”
noma 2.0
Credit: Robin Van Lonkhuijsen / Getty Images

When the new Noma opened back in February, one of the biggest changes—beyond a new location, of course—was the way René Redzepi would be rotating the menu. The renowned chef decided he would break the calendar year down into three “seasons.” (Yes, that’s one less than Mother Nature decided on, but even Ms. Nature would probably defer to Redzepi on culinary issues.) The first season was “Seafood Season” which is followed by “Vegetable Season” starting this month. Next up is “Game & Forest Season” which is slated to run from October to December—but if you want to score a reservation, you’ll want to start planning way before then!

Noma has announced that Game & Forest Season reservations will officially open on Wednesday, June 6 at 4 p.m. Central European Time (the local time in Noma’s home of Copenhagen)—better known as 11 a.m. Eastern Time or 8 a.m. Pacific. Needless to say, this will be your last chance to score a reservation at Noma in 2018.

In general, the process for landing your Noma reservation is the same (and as difficult) as it has always been. For everything but the private dining room, bookings must be placed online. They can only be made in even numbers up to a party of eight, and your payment in full—which is still 2,250 Danish Krone (or about $353) per person, drink pairings not included—is due at the time of making the reservation.

Noma does have an online waitlist, so if everything is booked up, all hope is not (completely) lost. Additionally, the restaurant is still offering 10 percent of its seats at a discount price to students who are chosen at random.

But enough with all the headaches of actually getting in the door… Let’s pretend you’re definitely going and take a peek at what this final season of food entails! According to Noma’s website, “the bounty of fall in Scandinavia that stretches from early fall through the end of the year… is a truly magical time of year that is all about indulgence.” Sounds good so far!

“We will be working with local hunters and foragers to explore the forest and discover the very best that this season in our region has to offer,” Noma continues, “and we will serve everything we can get our hands on: a teal for 2, a goose for 4, leg of moose, reindeer tongue, and wild duck. … The Game and Forest Season menu will also pay homage to everything that grows in the forest: berries, mushrooms, nuts, and all of the wild plants. It’s of course also the harvest season, so truly one of the most bountiful moments of the year. This season will be a celebration of autumnal abundance.”

Hopefully, that was just the pep talk you needed to impatiently stare at a computer to get reservations. If so, here’s the link you’re looking for.