So far nobody has ordered the gold leaf-topped kobe beef and langoustine tacos being offered by a luxury resort in Los Cabos.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2017
two tacos
Credit: © Grand Velas Los Cabos

“Is a $25,000 taco really a $25,000 taco if no one pays $25,000 for it?” The question may sound like a koan for a wealthy, amateur Buddhist, but it’s currently a real conundrum for Juan Licerio Alcala. The executive chef at Mexico’s Grand Velas Los Cabos luxury resort made headlines last week by offering a ritzy taco meal at the intentionally astronomical price of $25,000 – billed as “the world’s most expensive taco.” However, now info is emerging that no one has actually bought the pricey dish yet.

For those looking to get caught up to speed on how a taco can cost as much as a solid investment in a Del Taco franchise, here was our original take: “The luxurious meal features two tacos wrapped in tortillas containing gold flakes, then filled with langoustine, Kobe beef, Almas Beluga caviar, and instead of traditional queso, a black truffle brie. And the extravagance continues in the salsa, which features Morita chili peppers, ultra-premium Ley .925 tequila and civet coffee. Yes, that’s the coffee that’s pooped out by jungle creatures.” It’s then, of course, topped off with more gold leaf.

But despite this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for extravagant tortilla-wrapped luxury, according to the AFP, as of Wednesday, no one had actually taken Alcala up on the over-the-top offer. The chef told the news outlet that many, mostly US customers who like to “push the boundaries” have shown interest – but of course you can’t pay for a caviar and poop coffee taco with just interest. “People are excited and a little surprised about how you can eat a taco for $25,000 (497,000 pesos) when you can find one on the street for 10 pesos,” he told the AFP. “Then I explain the delicacy, the technique and the harmony that they will lift from the plate, and that it's worth it.”

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What Alcala may not have realized is that, often times, these “world’s most expensive stunts” are created with a buyer already lined up, sometimes with the origin of the actual funds being a bit dubious, as was likely the case with the “world’s most expensive cocktail.” But frankly, I’m thinking someone will eventually bite. If Chipotle can charge you a few bucks extra for a plop of guacamole, what’s another $24,994 after that?