Credit: Courtesy of Zakaim/Facebook

Toast might not seem like a noteworthy menu addition. But “bread steak”? Now, that’s the kind of dish that can make international headlines.

Last week, a restaurant in Tel Aviv called Zekaim Original Vegan Boutique posted one of their latest specials to Facebook—a type of deconstructed Caesar salad. Deconstructed salads are nothing new, but it’s the restaurant’s description of the offering that got people up in arms. Translated from the original Hebrew by Israeli site Haaretz, the dish is a “bread steak that comes out of the oven crispy and hot,” served with romaine lettuce and aioli.

Commenters immediately jumped on the strange description of what for all intents and purposes is a piece of toast, posting photos of their own creations, such as untoasted bread “tartare” and “sausage bread with sesame seeds on white marble,” better known as a roll.

Restaurant owner Hila Zakaim defended her bizarre description. “If I were to cut the bread and salad into little pieces, mix in the aioli and call it a Caesar salad, no one would call it over-the-top,” she told Ynet. “I always try to provide a different experience for the customer... We wanted to put a fresh spin on a Caesar salad. It's a special dish that isn't part of our regular menu.”

We don’t like that back-pedaling, though. She should own it. Who knows, maybe it’ll catch on. The world already has too many gluten-free steaks. It could use something new.

[h/t Munchies]