Credit: © iStockphoto

Amazon is already encouraging its Prime members to never leave their homes, charging a $99 annual membership fee for the right to have pretty much any retail item a person could ever want or need shipped to them for free. Now, the massive online retailer wants patrons to stop heading out for meals as well.

Originally launching in Seattle last summer, Amazon’s Prime Now restaurant delivery service has recently expanded into two new markets – Manhattan and Dallas – meaning it’s now available in ten cities across the US with more to come. But Amazon also announced that the service, which was originally intended to be fee-free for a limited time, will now be free for Prime members permanently. Additionally, the online retailer has pledged to keep prices down by not allowing restaurants to mark up prices, meaning food lovers should be paying the same price whether they dine in or order through Amazon.

Much of Amazon’s marketing plan for Prime membership revolves around encouraging people to get as much bang for their 99 bucks as possible. Tossing food delivery into the mix, especially in big cities like Manhattan where people are already addicted to getting delivery on a regular basis, seems like a pretty strong way to keep people loyal and coming back. “Restaurants are charged more, but that doesn't stop Amazon's customers from using it,” analyst Fred Moran of Burke & Quick Partners told The Street. “If they like Amazon, they're going to go with Amazon.”

Amazon can bring you dinner; Amazon can stream you movies. Shit, it Amazon had a dating site, they could have your entire night covered. But why do you need to date? Amazon loves you. Alexa, how much does Amazon love me? I love you too, Alexa.