Paper towels are taking over.

Credit: © Getty Images/MIXA

According to a recent survey, napkins are becoming obsolete. Marketing intelligence agency Mintel conducted a study in which only 56 percent of participating consumers reported purchasing paper napkins in the past six months—but 86 percent bought paper towels. Apparently, people are using paper towels as napkins.

That’s the shocking conclusion of The Washington Post in a new trend piece. Included in its evidence: an Instagram post by designer Lauren Liess depicting a tablescape finished with a roll of Viva.

The article suggests that millennials are making this happen, and there might be something to that. “Dinner parties are a lot less common than they used to be, and when people do have them they focus more on the food itself than on setting the table,” Apartment Therapy’s Nancy Mitchell told the Post. Despite their environmental impact, paper towels probably appeal to millennials because the roll is just there.

One person who isn’t reaching for the roll: Martha Stewart. She told the author, “No paper. I am totally against paper unless you are having a bagel for breakfast on the run. I use cloth napkins or beautiful old dish towels that are ironed. I have a huge collection of fine linens, too.”