By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 14, 2014
Kevin Dyer

It’s a dad joke of epic proportions: “I forgot my wallet. Guess I’ll have to go in back and wash dishes.” Well, now dad may have a new favorite restaurant, because a French eatery is turning paying by washing the dishes into a reality.

For a limited time, La Bastide d’Opio in Paris will transform into the Mir Restaurant, where cash is not accepted and washing dishes is your only way out.

The New York Daily News offered a menu preview, featuring food priced with different cleanup responsibilities. The gratin de tomates & mozzarella, for example, requires just washing silverware, whereas ordering the duck confit will mean scrubbing a heavy pot.

Not surprisingly, Mir is a dishwashing detergent brand, and the whole stunt is nothing more than a very clever marketing campaign. Still, if you’re looking for a free meal (labor costs not included), there are probably worse ways to get one.

But book your tickets to Paris now: This pop-up spot is around only from October 16 through 18.