nintendo coffee table etsy
Credit: © Charles Lushear

You say you’re a “big gamer?” Just how big? Sure you might have half a dozen consoles stacked next to your big screen, but does the rest of your decor reflect the readiness of the player within? If you’ve been setting your coffee, tea or Mountain Dew Code Red on some flimsy IKEA surface, you’re going to want to upgrade to this awesome retro-gamepad-inspired wooden coffee table from Bohemian Workbench’s Etsy page. The best part is it’s actually playable (for $6,000 it had better be!).

The 40” x 17.5” table is constructed of curly maple, maple, walnut, burl walnut, mahogany, and birdseye maple and includes a retractable cord and glass top for when you’re not saving princesses. Sure, it takes your entire hand to slap the D-pad and A and B buttons instead of a quick roll of the thumb. But hey, full body gaming is what Wii and Xbox Kinect have been preparing us for, right? Of course the only downside is you won’t be able to nudge and flail the controller to aid in those close-call jumps over pipes and between bricks, which totally works by the way. We swear it does. It’s physics.