Better luck next time Nick.
whiskey stand offerman
Credit: Courtesy of My Tales of Whisky Official / YouTube

Nick Offerman once sat and drank whisky for 45 minutes in a video that's since gone viral. So, no, we can't say we were too surprised to hear about his latest misadventures—which are similarly futile, but equally entertaining.

In this latest work, the actor and whisky fiend travels to Scotland to open The Offerman Distillery, which, according to a corresponding emailed press release, "will be dedicated to producing only the finest single malt whiskies and delivering this nectar of the gods to the public."

"My Fellow Whisky Enthusiasts," the tongue-in-cheek release reads. "As a man who cares deeply for others, I’ve always enjoyed giving people whisky, and as a human with great taste, I’ve always enjoyed drinking it. In my valiant effort to do both, I have decided to open my own whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland."

Unfortunately, it's not so easy to just up and start your own distillery. Offerman needs a background check, a license, a permit, and the patience to withstand an incessant line of questioning. For just under three minutes, we watch our fearless host (and burgeoning entrepreneur!) try his hardest to get his business off the no avail. After realizing that it'll take a whopping 23 years for his first bottle to get produced, he finally gives up, and instead decides to open a whisky stand near the Talisker distillery.

(At this juncture, we'd like to note that the entire video is part of the My Tales of Whisky series made by Diageo, which owns Talisker. But, hey. It's still fun to watch.)

Anyway, the stand, too, is illegal, because that's how things go in videos that star Nick Offerman. In advance of World Whiskey Day this Saturday, May 20, there's really nothing we'd rather do than watch one of them.