Last year, Tony Maws, an F&W Best New Chef 2005, watched along with fellow cooks from his restaurant Craigie Street Bistrot in Cambridge, MA, as their beloved Patriots lost the Super Bowl. But as he explains below, his devotion to the team—and Coach Bill Belichick’s gray hoodie—is unwavering.

By Jen Murphy
Updated March 31, 2015

How did you become a Patriots fan?
I’m a Boston sports fan, and always have been. My dad took me to games at the old Schaeffer Stadium, way back before we were this good. The Patriots are a Boston team, and I’ve always been a fan.

What’s been your best football meal?
My best Super Bowl party ever was last year’s. Loved the food, just not the outcome of the game. All the cooks from Craigie Street came over to my place and we grilled and watched the game on my flat screen. The ribs were ridiculous: Berkshire pork we cured for three days, smoked, then grilled outside during the game. We also made Jamaican jerk wings, 7 layer dip, and lamb chili. We had such a great time—till the end of the game.

Favorite New England beer?
Harpoon IPA.

Any pregame superstitions?
None—I’m confident for the team.

If you could be any player on the current roster, who would you be?
[Tackle] Vince Wilfork (pictured, above): He’s a phenomenal player, likes to get dirty and clearly likes to eat good food.

How are they going to do this year?
I’m a fan. I’m not going to bet against them, ever. I say they’ll go undefeated.

Which matchup are they most looking forward to?
The Colts, November 2, 2008. I look forward to playing them every year. Every game is compelling. I like playing the best.

F&W has paired your team with Cod Chowder with Bacon. Do you agree? Disagree? How come?
I like that. How about giving a nod to another New England tradition, our Portuguese heritage, by adding chorizo rather than bacon?

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

© Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen (pictured, left): Pro or con?
As long as Tom keeps throwing touchdowns, I don’t care what he’s doing.

Tom Brady: Best Quarterback Ever?
It’s the same with chefs and with sports: I don’t know what the best is. How do you measure it all? But Tom Brady definitely gets bonus points for being a University of Michigan grad like me!

Bill Belichick

© David Drapkin/Getty Images

Do you think Bill Belichick (pictured, left) should have stuck with the gray sweatshirt instead of the red one for the Super Bowl last year?
Absolutely keep the gray!!

Should Coach Belichick keep the sweatshirt look or try something new?
Just coach, don’t worry about his look.


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