F&W's Executive Food Editor, Tina Ujlaki, always manages to find little gems at Manhattan's Union Square Greenmarket that I somehow miss. On Friday, she brought in a quart of walnut-sized, candy-scented peaches. They are definitely the cutest fruit I’ve ever seen and are quite possibly more adorable than puppies (and nearly as fuzzy). I thought they were a new variety, one I could already envision all over New York menus: dwarf peach compote, poached baby peaches, rosemary peach fizzes garnished with a miniature peach. But no, they’re actually the second crop of Red Haven peaches, which are usually knocked off the tree. The farmers at the Cheerful Cherry stand decided to let the second crop hang and bring them to market because they are so sweet. Like puppyhood, the days of the baby peach season are fleeting—the farm expects to have the fuzzy little guys for only another week.