At the moment I'm very busy running around Brooklyn checking out all the places Alan Richman just raved about in his recent, excellent No Eat Till Brooklyn GQ piece, which doesn't leave me much time to go to other New York City boroughs. So I'm glad the Queens Museum of Art sent me a copy of their newest project, This Is What I Eat. Created by artist Stephanie Diamond, the work looks just like a newspaper circular but it's really a collection of recipes and insights into what people in the neighborhood are buying at the supermarket. It's part of an exhibition about Corona, a Queens neighborhood that the museum says is among the city's fastest growing immigrant communities but that I know as the home of the Lemon Ice King of Corona (outstanding Italian ices from an old storefront). The recipes Diamond collected from local residents are cute—each ingredient is illustrated with a photo, like a picture of a yellow box of Maggi chicken bouillon cubes (the Chicken a la Coca Cola directions say, "salt, pepper and Maggi the chicken," which I love). It seems mostly South American, though there is a Belgium Chicken Soup from Maria Cumbe made with chicken, potatoes, onions, rice and cilanto. For anyone who wants to try that, or the Rice with Red Beans from Blanca Arebolo, the publication is being distributed for free in and around Corona Plaza and at the Museum.