There are 22 dipping sauces!

Just last fall, Guy Fieri—platinum-haired television personality and coiner of the phrase "Dude, I've been stricken by chicken!"—quietly teamed up with Planet Hollywood founder Robert Earl to open a fast-casual restaurant in Orlando's Disney Springs. Called Chicken Guy, the dining spot features fried and grilled chicken tenders, along with 22 dipping sauces (before you ask, yes, Donkey Sauce is among them). And now, the duo is taking the (super specific) concept nationwide.

Chicken Guy
Credit: Courtesy of Disney

This spring, Fieri and Earl plan to open another Chicken Guy outpost in the third-floor food court of the Aventura Mall in Miami, Restaurant Business reports. “With our second location, we are on our way to open Chicken Guy locations across the country,” Earl—who also owns restaurant chains Earl of Sandwich, Buca di Beppo, and Bertucci's—said in a statement.

Like their predecessor, future Chicken Guys will offer the previously mentioned chicken tenders (brined in fresh lemon juice, pickle brine, buttermilk, and herbs) in sandwiches, on skewers, and as bowl toppings (although you can always order them solo). And, as expected, several menu items are obvious nods to the Mayor of Flavortown, like "Chicken Guy Fries" (loaded with Fieri's "signature seasoning"), and his famous "Mac Daddy Mac 'N' Cheese" (smothered in "SMC"—super melty cheese, in Fieri-speak—bacon, and green onions).

“Food is the common denominator of all folks, and chicken is a common denominator in food, among all ethnicities, all cultures," Fieri told Florida Today when the first Chicken Guy opened back in September. "Chicken is affordable, it’s healthy and is such a chameleon...and super-sustainable. You can do just about anything with it." Anything includes piling chicken tenders on a roll and topping them off with colorful coleslaw, pickles, pepper jack cheese, barbecue sauce and—what a move!—crunchy barbecue kettle-cooked potato chips, as he does in the chain's monster-sized Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Sandwich (our Chicken Guy pick, if you're there to go hard).