By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 30, 2014
Credit: © Peter Titmuss / Alamy

Bad news for those of you who purchased caffeine-infused shapewear: The spiked undergarments won’t help you lose weight. The good news: You’re eligible to get your money back. And if you didn’t buy caffeine-laced underwear, this is just a good opportunity to laugh at everyone who did.

In case you missed it, this whole debacle is the result of a slightly insane product idea from two companies. Norm Thompson Outfitters and Wacoal America made women’s underwear infused with caffeine. Norm Thompson claimed “women’s undergarments infused with microencapsulated caffeine, retinol and other ingredients…would slim and reshape the wearer’s body and reduce cellulite.” Wacoal America went even further, saying that their iPants could “destroy fat cells.”

You’re not alone if the idea that putting caffeine in clothing seems a bit too dumb to be true. Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission released its report on the bizarre weight-loss clothing and ordered the two companies to pay a combined total of more than $1.5 million to the FTC for consumer refunds.

Jessica Rich, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, has some simple advice for anyone that might be tempted by weight-loss clothes, caffeine-infused or otherwise: “If someone says you can lose weight by wearing the clothes they are selling, steer clear. The best approach is tried and true: diet and exercise.”

Ugh. Seriously? Diet and exercise? That sounds more annoying than finding out your caffeine-infused pants don’t work!