At The Meadow, in Portland, Oregon, Mark Bitterman has spent the past five years selling a mind-boggling array of salts, from Japanese deep-sea salts to rose pink Himalayan salt blocks. Former F&W Best New Chefs like Naomi Pomeroy and Gabriel Rucker pop in not just for the salts but also for Mark's expertise, since he's spent years experimenting with all of his inventory. Now there are two ways for people who don't live in Portland to get a bit of Mark's advice, too. The first is his new cookbook, Salted, which is a field guide to artisan salts complete with recipes. The second is a class at The Meadow's new branch in Manhattan. The West Village shop is unofficially open this week; tonight Mark offers his first salt-tasting class, which will focus on finishing salts. Tickets are $30, and the event also includes wine tasting.