By Larissa Zimberoff
Updated December 10, 2014
Credit: © iStockphoto

Sometimes chewing can just be so hard. The energy and effort that it takes is exhausting. Now you can avoid chewing all together with food replacement beverages. We aren’t talking bottles of Ensure. There are now multiple varieties on the market that work to fulfill daily nutritional needs with minimal effort.

First there was Soylent, the a powder that promised to give you all the nutrients you needed to survive with none of the hassle of actually eating. But now there is a new player on the products-to-help-you-avoid-food scene: Ambronite. The concept behind Ambronite is basically the same as Soylent, but it’s made from all natural ingredients. The European founders developed the meal in a glass for familiar reasons; they were tired of eating junk food and no one had the time to prepare a 20-ingredient whole food brunch. So, they put their brunch in a blender.

Simo Suoheimo, one of the five co-founders said in an interview with ArsTechnica: "We have the world’s first drinkable meal that fulfills daily nutrition recommendations from organic, natural ingredients." But, unlike Soylent, the team is not suggesting you live on their drink alone. Suoheimo told the press, “We don’t want to take the pleasure away from eating. We love to cook and enjoy healthy meals. Ambronite just lets you eat healthy wherever you go.”

While Soylent is derived from pills and concentrates, Ambronite’s ingredients, except for a few oddballs like bilberry and sea-buckthorn, are a blend of twenty organic items like nuts, fruit, spinach, wheatgrass, and rice protein. The carb/fat/protein ratio also varies between the two, with Ambronite clocking in at 40/36/24 compared to Soylent’s 50/30/20 ratio.

The bag of Ambronite contains a green powder that you mix with liquids, and supposedly tastes like spirulina when you mix it with water. The one drawback is shelf life. Because Ambronite is all-natural with no preservatives, the mix can’t sit around in the back of your cupboards, or in your trunk until that next camping trip. Also, while a few nutritionists have gone on record to say that the drink will provide the sustenance one needs to get through the day, there are still only a few people using them as their complete nutritional intake.

The Ambronite team launched a successful Indiegogo campaign last summer, and is taking pre-orders now with the product expected to ship in February 2015.