You can purchase DŌ's rainbow creation online while supplies last.

By Rebekah Lowin
June 21, 2017
Courtesy of Dina Coloma / Cookie DŌ NYC

When two food trends unite, magic happens. And we are all better for it. 

That's why we're so excited that today, DŌ—the New York City shop that sells raw, edible cookie dough with pasteurized "egg product"—is coming out with a limited-time unicorn dough. Whether you are or are not a fan the "unicorn foods" obsession of late, you've got to admit that it's kind of impossible to hate anything when it arrives in cookie dough form. Plus, it's National Cookie Dough Day today, which is enough of an excuse for anyone to rush to the shop and indulge their secret love for all things unicorn. 

Dessert had a big year in 2017, not least of all in the innovation of cookie dough that you can safely eat. The opening of DŌ in New York City solidified its position as a one of the trendiest treats of the year.

Courtesy of Dina Coloma / Cookie DŌ NYC

"Dreams dough come true and unicorns dough exist and tomorrow is the dōpest day of the whole year!" the store captioned their Instagram photo of the creation, which, like all of DŌ's doughs, can be baked as easily as it can be eaten raw. "Who will be celebrating #nationalcookiedoughday with us?"

The 15-seat store already features a number of delightful signature flavors, like sugar cookie, chocolate chip, and oatmeal M&M. There are even ice cream “sanDŌwiches," milkshakes, and brownie blends. According to DŌ's website, the unicorn cookie is just as magical as it sounds.

"Just like it's namesake - this dough is out of this world!" reads the description of the new menu item. "Our simple and sweet sugar cookie base is swirled with rainbows, sprinkled with spectacular stars, mixed with a little magic, and is straight up a bunch of fun. Get it while you can!"

And if you can't make it to New York City, you can always order the cookie dough, which will be offered with free shipping today only in honor of National Cookie Dough Day. (The store ships their perishable dough in insulated, ice-filled containers overnight, and it's always prepared to order.)

Of course, like all good, unicorn-inspired things, this dough is only available for a limited time, as it's a "seasonal flavor." If you're ready to get your unicorn on, make like Pegasus (technically a winged stallion and not a unicorn, but, hey) and fly to DŌ as soon as you can.