Eat all the cheese biscuits you want without leaving your apartment.

New Yorkers can now enjoy the culinary stylings of Red Lobster without having to trek to the luminescent hellscape that is Times Square.

As of Monday, the popular chain restaurant's full menu will be available to New York residents to order for delivery using the Grubhub app. Yes, this includes cheese biscuits.

“We’re excited to test delivery in New York City to give our guests a convenient, new way to enjoy our delicious, freshly-prepared seafood,” said Salli Setta, the president of the national chain, in a statement on Monday morning. “Delivery is a platform that is becoming increasingly popular, and we think there is an opportunity to offer this service to our guests who may not be able to enjoy an in-restaurant experience but still want a great seafood meal.”

There is a catch, of course. (There always is.) Even Red Lobster isn't immune to the constraints of delivery; the restaurant has a specific delivery zone, so check your zipcode to make sure you're within the zone. We learned this the hard way, having ordered several lobsters and cheese biscuits to the office, as one does, only to find out we were outside of the delivery range.

We suspect that the pivot to delivery will only make the brand more popular to millenials. In a 2016 survey by Nation's Restaurant News that included over 170 brands, the seafood chain was ranked the top choice among 18- to 24-year-olds.

Yet Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup told Business Insider that this was not the result of a concerted strategy. "Red Lobster is not the first place people think of as a favorite restaurant for millennials," he said, adding that they "have not been explicitly targeting millennials. We've just been focusing on making improvements overall."

We're just happy that bringing delivery to New York was on the agenda.