The iconic bread company is opening two grills in the stadium.
Yankees, Kings Hawaiian partnership
Credit: Cameron Davidson/Getty Images

If you’ve tried King’s Hawaiian bread rolls, you know eating one is an experience you won’t soon forget. The buttery flavor of the sweet bread, combined with the pillowy texture, makes people understandably obsessed with them. If you love King’s Hawaiian, you probably keep the bread stocked in your pantry, but now the Yankees are giving New Yorkers a way to enjoy it when they’re dining out: Two locations of King’s Hawaiian Grill will open in the stadium this season.

There’s already at King’s Hawaiian Grill in Dodger’s stadium, in Los Angeles, which serves potato salad, nachos, and raspberry Dole whip, all with a side of King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls, if that’s how you prefer to eat your stadium food. Actually, with their marshmallow-like texture, King’s Hawaiian bread is almost like a dessert. If you’re looking for more classic baseball fare, you can also grab a loaded hot dog piled into a King’s Hawaiian hot dog bun.

The Yankee Stadium menu features even more items that highlight those rolls to the fullest extent: A crispy chicken sandwich topped with tempura pickles on a roll and barbecue brisket with macaroni salad on a hot dog bun both sound especially delicious. You can also purchase four packs of the rolls so that you never have to run out of your supply.

This menu sounds good enough that if you felt inclined to stop by Yankees stadium just to sample some of the King's Hawaiian treats, whether or not you're interested in the game, you couldn't be blamed. Recently, sports stadiums have begun to resemble food halls: Take Citi Field, where the Mets play: Fuku, David Chang's sandwich shop made its debut there back in 2016, and you'll be able to to find Milk Bar and there now too.

The grills will be located in sections 115 and 334 of the stadium, meaning that you’ll probably encounter one no matter where you’re sitting—as long as you wander long enough.

Update 4/4: According to a representative from Yankee Stadium, the King's Hawaiian Grill has been open to the public since yesterday.

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