Credit: © Howard Harrison / Alamy Stock Photo

If you don’t know who Pete Wells is – the restaurant critic for the New York Times – that’s fine. It means you have something in common with the people at the relatively new Times Square outpost of Señor Frog’s. (If you don’t know what Senor Frogs is, this article is not for you.)

I assume no one at Señor Frog’s recognized one of the country’s most lauded critics because, as he wrote in his review on the party-themed restaurant, they forgot his food on multiple occasions. And yet, Wells still loved the place. Turns out sometimes even restaurant critics just wanna have fun.

In his write-up, Wells admits to such seemingly out-of-character choices as dancing in a conga line, drinking margaritas out of a cup that he admits looked like a penis and lying that it was somebody’s birthday to get the staff to sing the “froggy birthday” song. Yes, the man knows how to party.

Overall, Wells explicitly stated, “Señor Frog’s is not a good restaurant by most conventional measures.” However, later he talks very fondly of his experience, writing, “I had more fun at Señor Frog’s than at almost any other restaurant that has opened in the last few years.” His reasoning: “A few chefs and restaurateurs still understand that people go out to have a good time…. But too many restaurants have become church without the singing and costumes.”

Um, I think Pete Well just found his new religion – and it involves drinking Frogasms out of penis cups. Who would have guessed?