By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 26, 2014
© Marc Hill / Alamy

Cat cafés have become a growing trend. Lounges are already open in Asia and Europe, and locations have been mentioned for San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto. New York City even tempted cat people with their own café back in April, but, alas, it was merely a “pop-up” location.

New Yorkers are a resourceful bunch, and now Erin McShan has taken it upon herself to lead the NYC cat café charge. Her concept, Little Lions, is currently up on the crowdsourcing site Tilt. If contributions reach $65,000, this dream of “NYC’s first cat sanctuary and tea house” will become a reality.

Little Lions plans to have everything a cat lover could want: cats (of course), tea and “quiet” coffee options (coffee machines might be too loud and scare the cats, McShan claims), a cat-only room where felines can just hang out and be felines and, somehow, food. McShan told Gothamist, “Nothing will be made on site and would have to be cat-safe...The [Department of Health] is on board with my design.” In addition, all the cats will be up for adoption—giving a whole new meaning to takeout.

It sounds like a great place to get work done and have a bite to eat. Oh wait, no it doesn’t, it’s full of cats. But it does sound like a good place to nuzzle furry faces.