The small crowds at City Point make the store the easiest to navigate by far.

Credit: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg/Getty Images

For the most part, visiting one New York City's eight Trader Joe's locations can be a bit of a nightmare. It's not because of the staff, who are always pleasant, or the products themselves, which we know and love. No, it's because everyone else loves Trader Joe's too. And since their stores are designed to be smaller with a more curated range of products than competing grocery stores, issues do occur. By issues of course, we're talking about lines so long you have to start waiting in them the moment you walk in the door.

If you're lucky enough to live in Central Brooklyn, though, there might be hope for you. Come in close because we have a secret to share with you: the new City Point Trader Joe's in downtown Brooklyn is currently calm, cool and relatively empty. Heck, they don't even have signage up outside the building yet letting people know that the basement-level store is now open.

During a recent stop to the new Trader Joe's at City Point, which has actually been open since June, my cashier told me that the store was still functioning very much under the radar, saying that few people were even aware that the store had opened up on the basement floor of the building. While the Target and Alamo Drafthouse located upstairs both have massive outdoor signage of some kind, Trader Joe's and the neighboring Dekalb Market Hall do not, meaning unless you walk inside and see the big arrow pointing downstairs, you might never know that either of them were there.

Additionally, another employee, this one stocking vegetables during our interaction, expressed her disbelief that more people hadn't shown up yet, especially due to the reputation of the other Brooklyn Trader Joe's. The Court Street location, which is only three-quarters of a mile away from the new City Point store, is known for having the craziest grocery store line in the five boroughs, along with constant rounds of the game, "Will They Actually Have What I Need In Stock?" It's not a fun game, but we play anyway because where else are you going to get cauiflower rice?

Of course, it's likely only a matter of time until the word gets out and the City Point Trader Joe's enters the fray with the rest of Trader Joe's New York locations. In the meantime, though, take a visit to this beautiful place. Enjoy some samples, skip through the moderate number of aisles and wait in line for a measely three to five minutes to check out. Some say that paradise is a state of mind, but us? We say it's the City Point location of Trader Joe's.