Table your gag reflex for a moment because the brilliant minds at ASAPScience have a video that may convince you to consider eating insects. They speculate that the reason bugs aren’t part of the Western diet is because all of our eating traditions are born out of what was a colder climate with fewer insects and more ready access to farmland. But with a growing population, and climate change bringing droughts and floods, the push is on to find a new source of protein. According to the aggressive whiteboarding in the video, there are many good reasons for that source of protein to be insects. Here are five reasons.

1. We’ve been eating bugs anyway

And not just when one flies in your mouth during a bike ride. Food producers are actually allowed to have insects in their products. Peanut butter can contain 30 insect pieces, like heads, per 100 grams and spinach may have 50 pieces per hundred grams.

2. They are healthier than meat.

The bug eaters have been telling us this for years, but maybe we should listen: Insects are lower in fat and higher in calcium and other minerals than our more meaty protein sources.

3. It takes so much less space to raise them

You need just 7.5 percent as much land to get a nice healthy pound of crickets compared with what you need for a pound of beef.

4. It takes so, so much less water to produce insects.

It requires 0.045 percent as much water to produce a kilogram of crickets as it does to produce a kilogram of beef. Yes, our decimal point is in the right place.

5. We can actually digest more of them.

A full 80 percent of crickets are digestible. Only 50 percent of a chicken is. If you want to see the ASAPScience guys practicing what they preach, here they are feasting.