By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated December 04, 2015
Courtesy of The New Stand

Commuters in any city know the value of a good newsstand. Whether you're running late and can't grab lunch or you're in desperate need of a post-happy hour Gatorade, those little booths on the subway platform can come in clutch on your way to and from the city. But let's face it, most of what they sell is garbage food. Combos, Skittles and bags of Bazzini nuts are hardly interesting or appetizing. I don't know who Bazzini is or was, but based on their convenience store snacks I'm pretty sure he’s the opposite of Willy Wonka. And unless you're really in need of an entire issue of US Weekly or some obscure motor-head magazine, most of the reading material is available on your phone anyway. That's why The New Stand is trying to upgrade the experience.

Two sleek, modern-looking (and clean) shops have opened at Union Square and Brookfield Place in New York City. The stores offer a number of snacks and beverages (including kale chips and pressed juices) which members who have downloaded the New Stand app can purchase at a discount for as little as one dollar. Membership is free, and once signed up, users receive a daily digest of news stories, music (from the likes of ultra cool mix tape curators Noon Pacific) and video to enjoy on their commute.

There's also a range of items from toiletries to cosmetics to books and gadgets that could work as last-minute gifts if you are dating a crazy person who wants to celebrate your 3 week anniversary. Like Starbucks and other outlets, The New Stand also allows shoppers to load up an account or their Apple Pay cards to pay for their purchase directly with the app. The fresh take on the old subway snack stand certainly seems like it would be a welcome oasis in the skeevy underground labyrinth that is the MTA.