Whispering Angel fans, please read carefully. 
Credit: Courtesy The Palm by Whispering Angel

There is nothing shameful or basic about enjoying rosé, and quite frankly, we're insulted when people dismiss this wonderfully diverse and complicated wine varietal, seemingly by virtue of it being ... pinkish? This is all just to say that we're not even a little embarrassed for being very excited that The Palm by Whispering Angel has unveiled a rosé-themed cabana in the middle of a pool at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

When you book the Rosé Oasis Cabana, as it's called, you get snacks, refreshments, personalized butler service, and, of course, three bottles of The Palm (the newest release from Provence rosé-makers, Château d'Esclans.)

Decorated with flowing pink drapes, palm-decorated pillows, and a giant pink camel that says "Save Water Drink Rosé," the Rosé Oasis Cabana is total bachelorette party bait, as the Fontainebleau's pool area is already swarming with brides-to-be and their friends dressed in commemorative bathing suits. As someone who has no immediate or long-term marriage plans, I'm considering getting a wedding on the books just so I can bachelorette here.

FB Palm Rose-2.jpg
Credit: Courtesy The Palm by Whispering Angel

The package, which costs upwards of $1,000, lets you lounge in the rosé cabana all day, posting to your Instagram story until all your friends unfollow you because they're bitter and jealous. The cabana, which launched this week, is bookable until September. I visited the space for the launch party and can confirm it's super chic, over-the-top, and 'grammable. It's decked out with four 32-inch flat-screens, so it could also be the perfect place to watch the World Cup, too, or just Bravo all day.

"Has rosé had its day? Well, in short, no," our own Ray Isle declared in May. "Sales continued to skyrocket last summer, Instagram is awash in selfies of rosé-wielding partyers, and, what the heck, a chilled glass of dry pink wine is incredibly refreshing."