Patti LaBelle, Walmart, peach cobbler
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

If you’re anything like overnight YouTube sensation James Wright, Patti LaBelle’s branded sweet potato pie will have you singing to the heavens.

After his 2015 video went viral around Thanksgiving, the pies flew off Walmart's shelves at a rate one pie per second for three consecutive days.

Because the retail giant isn’t stupid, LaBelle and Walmart have announced the debut of five additional Patti’s Good Life baked goods: peach, berry and apple cobblers, as well as apple pecan cake and a sweet potato loaf.

The cobblers will sell for $6.98; apple pecan cake for $9.98 and the sweet potato loaf for $4.48.

You can expect the new batch to roll out in mass quantities before the holiday weekend, because nothing says "Happy Labor Day!" quite like capitalism.